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Real Property

South Florida’s rapid growth requires creative legal services to meet the challenge of real estate and development opportunities. Scott-Harris is at the forefront of real property law providing legal services for its real estate clients.

Whether it is a routine real estate closing, an acquisition loan, refinance or lease of property, Scott-Harris has the experience and knowledge to advise and direct its clients through the complexities of real estate law. We are a local Firm that has lived through the ups and downs of the real estate market in South Florida and are well versed in the unique problems and challenges of South Florida in good and bad times.

Even in what may seem to a basic purchase and sale contract, there are many contractual terms and time deadlines that must be met. It is always advisable to have an attorney to represent you whether you are a seller or buyer to guide you through the process.

Complementing our real estate attorneys is an experienced and knowledgeable support staff. They are prompt, courteous, and efficient, and help enable the Firm to continue to provide the quality of legal service that has become its trademark. Scott-Harris is a result oriented Firm that has successfully aided its clients in all aspects of real estate transactions.

South Florida Real Property Law Attorney serving Palm Beach County:

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