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Scott, Harris has experienced civil trial lawyers who have tried many cases both jury and nonjury, in state and federal courts. If you have a legal dispute that may require a lawsuit to be resolve, or if you have been sued or threatened with a lawsuit, then the trial lawyers at ScottHarris can assist you. Litigation and trials can be stressful and the rules of procedure and evidence are complex. If you have a legal dispute that involves you personally, or a small business that you own, then it is essential that you meet with an experienced trial lawyer so that your best legal options and strategy can be determined. Choosing the correct legal claim to bring, and the manner in which to pursue it are important in that increases the chances for a successful outcome

Civil trials include most all trials except criminal prosecutions. A civil trial can be tried before a jury, or before a judge. A case decided by a judge is often called a bench trial, or nonjury trial. Usually, a plaintiff or defendant can choose whether to have a jury or nonjury trial.

However, some civil cases can only be tried before a judge, either because of limitations that the law imposes on a right to jury trial, or because of a contractual provision waiving jury trial that the parties have signed. Most cases settle before trial. However, a certain percentage of cases require resolution by a jury or the judge. Before a case is tried, there is discovery conducted in the form of interrogatories, requests to produce documents, and depositions, so the parties know the facts before entering the courtroom to try the case. The trials themselves, especially jury trials, are formal proceedings that require knowledge of the law. Trials also involve the application of the rules of evidence. These rules have been developed over time to ensure, as much as possible, that the evidence admitted, whether testimony or documentation, is relevant and properly authenticated. Trials can be expensive, stressful, and often times the results are unpredictable. However, trials, especially the right to trial by jury, continue to be one of the important foundations of our free society. If you have a legal dispute that may require a trial to resolve, then knowledgeable trial lawyers are here to help you.

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