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Land Use

Scott-Harris is able to offer its clients legal representation for land use, zoning and administrative matters including opposing zoning changes that will negatively impact neighborhoods. There is more than ever increased pressure to develop property, which often results in decreased green space, parks and recreational uses. In south Florida, many golf courses have been sold for development, much to the disappointment of homeowners who paid a premium to live in a golf course community. The law firm’s land use lawyers have the experience and know how to challenge development approvals before County and City Commissions, and in the courtroom. From its years of experience in the field, our land use lawyers are able to counsel their clients about land use and zoning issues, and then actively pursue solutions. The Firm’s experience has been tested in matters associated with Development of Regional Impact; Planned Unit Developments; Comprehensive Land Use Plan changes; rezonings; annexations; special exceptions; variances; and other land use permitting actions.

Scott-Harris also has experience in zoning appeals, including obtaining writs of certiorari in cases involving the denial or approval of variances, Chapter 163, appeals, special uses, and other zoning decisions made by local government boards. The law firm also has fought against excessive, overly dense development through enforcement of deed and plat restrictions. Experience means that the Firm’s land use lawyers have developed contacts in local and state government, and have an invaluable knowledge as to the viewpoints and attitudes of key government officials. Experience also means that our land use attorneys know what type of presentation and litigation strategies are required to get those crucial votes before zoning boards and county and city commissions.

South Florida Land Use Law Attorney serving Palm Beach County:

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